Here are clips from the Savant Lake students in regards to their fun experience from their Cultural Workshop:

“I liked learning about safety and how to set a trap. I liked touching the different furs Victor brought and skinning the squirrel.” ~ Morgan (Gr. 4)

“I loved learning from Victor how to set a trap and how much money I could make by selling skins.” ~ Cheyenne (Gr. 5)

“I loved the part when we got to skin squirrels. I learned that if you catch an animal, you must skin it and use all of it: for bait or eat it, depending on which animal you catch because we wat to be respectful to animals and not waste any part of the animal.” ~ Hailey (Gr. 5)

“I liked learning how to skin a squirrel. I learned that if you skin a marten nice and careful, you could get $100. Victor taught us that if you sell furs at 12 years old, you don’t need to pay any fees. That is interesting to me because I would like money to buy myself things.” ~ Nathan (Gr. 5)

“I enjoyed roasting hotdogs, skinning my own squirrel and learning how to set a trap safely. I learned how to fix traps and that you can un-rust a trap. I would love to learn more about setting traps in the bush.” ~ Taylor (Gr. 8)

“I liked learning how to skin a marten and getting the chance to skin my own squirrel. I learned that you can start trapping at twelve years old but that you need to have a mentor and take courses.” ~ Tyrah (Gr. 8)

“I liked skinning the squirrel. I learned how to properly skin an animal and how to treat them with respect. I would love to learn more about setting traps so that I can sell my own furs and have all the money.” ~ Rayden (Gr. 8)

As students of Bimaychikamah School we have had the opportunity to work with trappers Mr. Victor Ciurko and Tyler Gordon, learning how to dress animal pelts. Last year we did a large exposition in the school gyms, working with beaver, squirrel and other local trapped animals. This year we did a marten skinning workshop with Mr. Ciurko.

Mr. Ciurko and Mr. Gordon are very knowledgeable and showed us how to skin right from the beginning of the process. All the children in the school were involved, from JK to Grade 8.

Learning how to skin and preserve pelts was very exciting and one of the highlights of our cultural program. We look forward to having Mr. Gordon and Mr. Ciurko return to add to our life long traditional learning goals and initiatives.

Thank you for sharing with us,

- Students and Staff of Bimaychikamah School 

   Slate Falls Nation, Ontario

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